Terms and conditions

The enrolment fee of 50 € includes:
Administration costs, city map, free Internet access/WIFI, use of library and multimedia room.

The accommodation placement fee of 30 € includes:
Organizing and scheduling of accommodations in Granada.

Included in the course price:
Level-testing, Spanish course, educational material (photocopies and text books), the costs of some of the activities included in the cultural programme, insurances, equipment and transport in case of outdoor activities, entrance fees for special courses, certificate of attendance, certificate of achievement.

Not included in the course price:
Airport transfers, travel insurance, the costs of some of the activities included in the cultural programme, official SIELE GLOBAL test, administratrion costs in case of visa applyment (200 €)

All course and accommodation fees are paying in Euros (€).

Minimum age and insurances:
The minimum age of students is 14 years old (except school trips and Spanish courses for families); students younger than 18 need written authorization from their parents. Escuela Montalbán accepts no responsibility for any accidents that may occur outside of the Spanish school, neither for lossing nor for stealing personal property in our premises. Travel insurance can be obtained through the school, if required.

Holidays without Spanish classes in 2024:
28.02, 29.03, 01.05, 30.05, 15.08, 01.11, 06.12.
There are no Spanish classes on national and local holidays. If a public holiday falls on a Monday, the courses start on Tuesdays. These classes are not recoverable, except in case of one week Spanish courses and Individual Spanish courses.

Last day of class: 20.12.2024
First day of class: 07.01.2025
We don't offer courses between 23.12.2024 and 03.01.2025; although the office remains open.

  • Complete the enrolment form and send it to us.
  • In return, you will get a booking confirmation of your course and accommodation by e-mail, including the total amount of the course and accommodation fees and detailed information about the advanced payment. Last minute enrollment is posssible and depends on availability.
  • To maintain the booking you need to send a deposit of 120 €. This deposit is not an additional cost and will be deducted from the full amount. The deposit is non-refundable.
  • On the receipt of the deposit we will reserve the course and accommodation.
  • We will then send you general information about your course, an invoice/proforma-invoice, a level test, useful details about your journey and a map of Granada, by e-mail.
  • All balances must be paid in full 15 days prior to the course starting date, by wire transfer, the payment service Wise or PayPal. All bank charges have to be paid by the student.
  • Together with the payment, students have to send their level tests 15 days prior to the course starting date.
  • On receiving the payment and level tests we will send you your accommodation address in Granada and last minute information regarding arrival details and your course.
  • In case of last minute enrollments, courses for Erasmus students or scholarships, students have to pay the whole amount, once the course and accommodation reservation has been confirmed by the school.
  • Upon request the remainder of the course and accommodation fees or the whole amount can be paid during the first course day at our office in cash or by credit card.



  • The distribution of courses and levels is the responsibility of the teaching team, who, considering the received level tests, will take the final decision of where the student will be placed in. Students have to send the level tests prior of the course starting date. That means that students begin on their appropriate level on the first course day.
  • The maximum number of students is 10 per level group and will not be increased.
  • The student who considers changing a level group, must ask the teacher for it. The teachers will decide whether the change is appropriate and/or beneficial for the student or not.



  • We provide students with the necessary educational materials, including an exercise book in case it corresponds to the student's level. This belongs to the student and is included in the course price.



  • At the end of the course, every student will obtain a certificate of assistance. Students in long term courses with a study visa also receive a certificate of achievement. To obtain these certificates, it is necessary an assistance not inferior to 90 %.



  • The price of private accommodation includes a meal plan, bed linen, but not towels. It also includes electricity, gas, water, heating, community, WIFI and cleaning once a week. A special diet (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian and vegan diet) has a supplement of 5 € per day.
  • Placement of the students is the responsibility of the school. The school will always consider, to ensure the best possible placement, taking into account, the criteria of distance, number of people to share the flat, ages etc.
  • Accommodation are reserved from Sunday to the Saturday of the last week of staying. Arrival before Sunday and/or extension is possible by extra charge.
  • The students must notify us of their approximate arrival time in Granada at least one week before the course begins. We reserve the right to change the accommodation before the student's arrival for another one of identical or similar characteristics with prior notice with not additional cost.
  • Double room bookings will be accepted only for people who travel together.
  • Hotel and apartment prices may increase in certain travel months (Easter, bank holidays, etc.).



  • Flight information must be confirmed by e-mail at least one week prior to arrival, otherwise the school will accept no responsibility for picking up the student from the airport.
  • We will provide the student our emergency phone number in which he can contact us.



  • Notification of cancellations should be made directly by e-mail to our office. The date on the e-mail represents the date of cancellation.
  • Costs which have been paid prior to the course are refunded as follows:
  • In case that cancellation is communicated at least 15 days before the course starts, the full amount will be refunded, except the 120 € deposit. This deposit can be used as a payment for another course starting in the next two years. Some special courses include extra costs such as the reservation of entrance fees etc. In case a student cancels this type of course, we will cover all expenses with the deposit.
  • If the course is canceled less than 15 days before the course starts, the course and accommodation fees will not be refunded. However, you have the option to move the course to another course date starting in the next two years.
  • Students who start but do not finish their programme will not be refunded any amount of the course and accommodation fees.
  • If, for any reason you need to change the course date, type of accommodation, or any other part of the course, we can transfer your reservation to another date within the same year and without extra charge.
  • The school never cancels any course, even if there is only one participant per level group in a course.
  • If the school is forced to cancel a course, activity or service contracted previously by the student, the school will refund the full amount. Outdoor programmes such as horsback riding, hiking or rock climbing can be cancelled in case of bad weather conditions.
  • The school reserves the right to cancel a course if forced to do so by unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the school (war, civil or political unrest, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, or other similar events beyond the control of the school). The school will refund all course and acommodation costs.
  • In the event of a cancellation of an accommodation, we charge an administration fee of 30 €, regardless of the above deadlines.
  • Students will not be refunded for the postponement or cancellation of accommodation once the course has started and the student has stayed in the accommodation.
  • If the student requests a change of accommodation, the school does not charge any fees. Any changes, when requested, are subject to availability. If the change entails additional costs, the student will be notified of this and will have to cover these costs before the change takes place. Failure to comply with the house's rules may result with the student being expelled from the accommodation.
  • In case of airport transfers, no refund will be given if delays and changes to flight schedules are not notified in advance. Our driver will wait 60 minutes at the most, after the planned time of flight's arrival. If the student does not contact us, the service will be cancelled. However, the student must pay for it.

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