Spanish intensive courses in Granada, Spain

How is the teaching at our Spanish school?

Our language school will send you a written level test and a self-assessment oral test together with the documents for the Spanish course. Students have to send back the filled test documents to us one week before the Spanish course starts. All Spanish courses begin on Monday. Spanish classes are restricted to a maximum of 10 students per level group and are held from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 18.00 h. There are 4, 5 or 6 Spanish language lessons per day, each lasting 45 minutes. Students are placed into levels based on their placement exams. Our teachers have a lot of experience assessing students' language abilities so our students will not be placed into levels that are too high or too low for their abilities. However, if you are a new student and unhappy with your placement, you can talk to your teachers they will then decide whether a student should change level or not.

Method and contents
All Spanish classes are conducted entirely in Spanish and are divided into two distinct parts:

The first part deals with the Spanish language itself, explaining its grammatical structures and communicative functions.

The second part covers specific topics in order to combine cultural themes with individual oral skills. This means that beginners will learn Spanish for everyday situations whereas, in the more advanced Spanish courses, students become involved in selecting topics of discussion according to their individual needs and interests. The reality of Spain in transition, the contradictions in the socio-political and cultural developments of modern Spain, the Moorish history, the Spanish Civil War and Franco's dictatorship, Federico García Lorca and the Flamenco culture, or the situation of ethnic minorities are just a few examples of possible topics to cover. Particular attention is always paid to aspects of the Andalusian culture.

Educational material
The school uses its own material. Teachers work with photocopies or a grammar- and exercise book.

We offer the following 6 different Spanish course levels which correspond to those established in the new «European Framework for Language Learning, Teaching and Evaluation». Each level corresponds to a 4 week Spanish course.

Karen from the USA

Our American course participant Karen reports on her experiences at our Spanish language school in Granada. She is visiting our school every year!

Teacher training in Granada

We offer Erasmus+ funded Spanish teacher training courses at our Spanish language school in Granada all year round.

Spanish & Cooking in Granada

In addition to a Spanish course, you can take part in our fantastic cooking courses! Learn Spanish and enjoy our gastronomy!

Spanish Online

Learn Spanish online

Learn Spanish online with our experienced Spanish teachers!

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