D.E.L.E. exams in Granada, Spain

Would you like to finish your Spanish course in Spain with an official certificate?

Our Spanish language school in Granada is as a member of FEDELE an examination centre for the D.E.L.E. exams. The internationally recognised D.E.L.E. certificates (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) are issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education. The D.E.L.E. exams are organised by FEDELE Spain (National Federation of Spanish Language Schools) through their regional Federations and the Instituto Cervantes.

D.E.L.E. counseling
Our D.E.L.E. exams are taking place on 5 different levels (A2/B1/B2/C1/C2) at our school. An evaluation of the own language level is often difficult. For this reason, we offer an approximately 1,5 hour personal counseling interview with a final level classification. Before you register for the exam, make an appointment with us!

Prices: 30 € (Level A2) / 40 € (Levels B1/B2/C1/C2).

D.E.L.E. examination levels

These are the 5 levels of the D.E.L.E. examinations at our school:

Diploma de Español - Nivel A2

  • This qualification certifies that the candidate is able to understand sentences and frequently use daily expressions related to particularly relevant topics (e.g. basic information about oneself and ones family, shopping, places of interest or employment).

Diploma de Español - Nivel B1

  • This qualification attests to sufficient linguistic ability for understanding and responding appropriately in most normal day-to-day situations and for expressing desires and needs in a basic way.

Diploma de Español - Nivel B2

  • This qualification validates sufficient linguistic ability to get by in average day-to-day situations in normal communication circumstances, which do not require specialized use of the language.

Diploma de Español - Nivel C1

  • This qualification ensures that the student noticeably progresses in the language, and has a more advanced level of Spanish.

Diploma de Español - Nivel C2

  • This qualification accredits the necessary linguistic competence to integrate in situations requiring an advanced use of the language and knowledge of the cultural customs embedded within it.

D.E.L.E. Spanish exams in Granada, Spain   D.E.L.E. Spanish exams in Granada, Spain

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