Intensive 20 + Study visa for Spain

Our school is a accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes. This accreditation is a requirement to apply for a student visa (visa type D) for Spain in the case of language studies.

You must be admitted to an authorized educational center for a full-time programme from Monday to Friday (at least 20 hours of 60 minutes per week). We recommend you to book our Intensive 20 course with 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week (= 15 hours of 60 minutes) + 5 hours per week of self-studies, exam preparation and tutorials. We offer a study period with a minimum of 24 weeks and up to 48 weeks on all 6 Spanish levels (A1/A2/B1/B2/C1/C2). Choose starting date, the Intensive 20 course and the course duration. The course duration should cover your stay until the next study period. A long term study visa is always oriented to continue with higher studies in Spain after having finished the Spanish course. If you start as a beginner, you will need approx. 48 weeks to reach the highest Spanish level C1/C2. Anyhow, the B2 certificate already allows you to continue with your university studies after finishing the course with us. In that case we recommend a course duration of 32 weeks. We recommend that you include an official A2 Spanish certificate (e.g. SIELE GLOBAL certificate) in the application documents for the student visa. The consulates may require it or may value positively previous knowledge of Spanish.

Our programme always ends with the official SIELE GLOBAL exam from the Instituto Cervantes.

Study programme

Intensive 20: 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week from Monday to Friday + 5 hours of self-studies, exam preparation or tutorials per week.
Group size: max. 10 students.
Levels: all levels.
Starting date: every Monday.
Study period: from 24 to 48 weeks.
Enrollment fee: 50 €.
Administration costs: 200 €.
SIELE GLOBAL exam: 155 €.
ASISA medical insurance (optional for 12 months): 270 € + 20 € administration costs.
Timetable: from 09.00 to 12.15 h or from 12.30 to 15.45 h.

24 weeks 2.880 €
28 weeks 3.360 €
32 weeks 3.840 €
36 weeks 4.320 €
40 weeks 4.800 €
44 weeks 5.280 €
48 weeks 5.760 €

All the information regarding the application for a long term study visa can be obtained from the Spanish Embassy in your home country, as well as the documents that must be completed to grant the visa. General information about the booking procedure and our cancellation policies + a student guide, can also be found on our website

We are specialized to prepare students from Arab countries, such as Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Palastine. If you are from Morocco, contact directly our office in Casablanca. Here you will find the contact information

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