Teacher training in Granada, Spain

Teacher training in a Spanish language school with many years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

We have been offering training programmes for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language at our language school in Granada since 1986.

We organize these programmes for experienced teachers who wish to deepen their knowledge in specific areas of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Our training courses are aimed at both native and non-native Spanish teachers who want to learn the latest and most effective methods of teaching Spanish. The courses are intensive and combine theoretical lessons with practical application. We add topics such as the teaching of Spanish culture, preparation for the official D.E.L.E. exams, the promotion of oral expression in the classroom and didactic aspects. The course consists of 30 lessons per week and has a duration of one or two weeks.

Last but not least, during the course we also deal with socio-cultural aspects of Spanish society.

In addition to the intensive courses, we also offer programmes on Federíco García Lorca and memoria historica .

Interested Spanish teachers can also complete some of our training programmes online.

Teacher training in Granada, Spain   Teacher training in Granada, Spain

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