Book a Spanish course in Granada, Spain: FAQ

Learn Spanish at our language school in Granada, Andalusia: here you will find the answers to common questions and requests for help.


How big is the school?

We are medium-sized school with approx. 1000 students per year. This means that you will meet between 20 students (in January) and 40 students (in September) every week at our school.

Where is the school in Granada?

The school building with its Andalusian style, its friendly classrooms, and its beautiful courtyard retains much of the charm and intimacy of a family home. It is located in a quiet area, only 15 minutes away from the city centre. The key monuments of the Alhambra and the Cathedral, the old Moorish area of the Albaicín, the gipsy quarter of Sacromonte, as well as the city's numerous shopping streets, are all within walking distance from the school.

Is the school recognised?

We have been offering Spanish language courses in Granada since 1986. The school is accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes since 2002 and is a D.E.L.E. examination centre in Granada. The accreditation of the Instituto Cervantes is necessary in case of visa applyments. Escuela Montalbán is a member of the Spanish-German network Tandem Language Schools.

What is the average age group of the students?

The average age is of generally between 25 and 28 years' old. However, it can vary from course to course and from year to year. We are not a school with mostly teenaged students. A lot of 40+ students book our courses throughout the year.

How many different nationalities are represented?

As far as nationalities are concerned, the school can be proud of its very international profile, since it accepts students from all over the world.


How do I travel to Granada?

Regular and low-cost flights to Malaga are available from most European airports. An airport bus takes you to the bus station in the centre of Malaga (C/ Paseo de los Tilos). From Malaga bus station there is an hourly bus service to Granada with ALSA company. The journey takes 90 minutes. There is also a direct bus from Malaga airport to Granada with the same company. If you are unable to catch the last bus from Malaga to Granada, we can reserve a hostel or hotel for you in Malaga. Granada Airport has flight connections to Barcelona and Madrid allowing students to connect their flights directly to our city. In recent years the low-cost market has boomed and many companies of this kind have proliferated throughout Europe. A lot of these companies now offer new connections to Granada. Together with the course documents, we will send you some information regarding public transport connections from these airports to Granada via email. We also offer an organised transfer from Malaga or Granada airport to your accommodation. During the weekend you can always contact us at our emergency number: +34 635 67 04 60.

How can I book Alhambra tickets?

If you are attending the Spanish course in the morning, you should reserve an afternoon ticket or visit the monument during the weekend. We strongly recommend students to book Alhambra tickets in advance through the official Alhambra website.


Course Programme

What is the minimum age to take part in the courses?

For our general Spanish courses, the minimum age is 14 years' old. We also accept students younger than 14 in case of school trips and Spanish courses for families.

Do I need to have a specific level to study at your school?

No. If you have never learnt any Spanish before, you should book a beginners' course. Students with previous knowledge of Spanish receive a written level test together with their course documents via email. The test should be sent back at least 15 days before the course starts.

When can I start a course?

All levels start on any Monday. It is possible to change a course date without additional costs. We always incorporate our participants in already existing level groups. Our school offers 6 different Spanish course levels (A1/A2/B1/B2/C1/C2).

How do I select the right course for me?

This depends on the length of your stay and personal needs. For example, students who are staying for a longer period of time (more than 8 weeks) generally prefer our Spanish course Intensive 20 with 4 lessons a day, each lasting 45 minutes. We offer these long-term courses at a reduced cost. Others, who only have a few weeks to learn and want to benefit from a maximum number of lessons in a limited time, prefer to choose Intensive 25 or Intensive 30 courses. We also offer special programmes such as: Individual Courses, Teacher Training, Business Spanish, D.E.L.E. preparation and exams or Spanish courses combined with culture and sports.

How do I get the course documents?

After receiving your advance payment we will email you the course documents (travel tips, course information, a Granada city map and a level test). We will send you the accommodation address 15 days before your course starts and when we have received the final payment. Please give us an email account with enough capacity and check your spam account from time to time, as sometimes documents can get lost.

Who do I speak with, if I have further questions?

Call us and ask to speak with Beatriz Martín. She handles the bookings and his working hours are from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 15.00 h. She speaks English and Spanish.

Can I change my course once I have started?

Yes, of course. If you do feel that the class you are taking is not at your level, or that your personal progress differs from that of your classmates', you can talk to the teacher or the director of studies to have your class changed to the appropriate level, or find another solution.

Do you reschedule classes that are missed due to holidays?

There are no Spanish classes during national and local holidays. These classes are not recoverable. In the case of 1 week courses we only charge for the specific course days. Private One-to-One courses are rescheduled.

How is the first day of the course like?

All new students meet at 08.30 h at the school office. They start immediately with the course. At the end of the first day we organise an information meeting about Granada and the school for the new students.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

A certificate of attendance will be given at the end of each Spanish course and is already included in the course price. If they wish so, students can choose to participate in a final testing in order to obtain the official SIELE GLOBAL certificate (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española). Price: 155 €.

Can I book a Spanish course in different cities?

Yes. We offer combined Spanish courses together with other partner schools or Tandem schools in San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid, Cadiz and Santiago de Chile. For further information regarding the costs and the enrolment procedure, please contact Beatriz Martín at

Spanish online classes

We offer Spanish online classes in order to prepare a classroom course at our school or to continue learning once you have finished the course with us.

How can I apply for a study visa for Spain?

Our school is a accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes. This accreditation is a requirement to apply for a student visa (visa type D) for Spain in the case of language studies. For further information check our website


How far in advance do I need to reserve?

Granada is a popular tourist destination and if you wish to book accommodation during high season (April, during Easter Week, or September/October) we advise you to do so as early as possible. We do accept last minute reservations. Please check accommodation availability with us.

When will I receive the accommodation address?

We will send you the accommodation address 15 days before your course starts and when we have received the final payment.

When can I check in/out?

All accommodation options are booked from the Sunday preceding the beginning of the course to the Saturday (before 12.00 h) which follows the last day.

Can I book any extra nights?

Yes, you can check in on Saturday and check out on Sunday if you wish. There are special prices for extra nights.

Can I receive visitors overnight in private accommodation?

Yes. Please inform us about your visitors and the dates. Visitors pay for these nights at the school office.

Where is the accommodation located?

All our accommodations are located in Granada city centre and within a short walking distance (approx.10-15 minutes) from the school.

Are towels, sheets and blankets included?

Sheets and blankets are included. Please bring your own towels and anything else you may need to make your stay comfortable. All our accommodations have free WIFI access.

Is a cleaning service included in the price?

This depends on the accommodation type:
  • School apartments: you participate in the cleaning tasks; you can use the washing machine. The school cleans the flats on Saturdays.
  • Private accommodation: the cleaning service is included, as well as the use of the washing machine once a week.

What is the most important meal in Spain?

Please note that the main meal in Spain is generally lunch, which is taken around 14.30 h, a useful fact to know for those who have booked half or full board in a homestay accommodation.

Do you consider special dietary needs?

Yes. Please inform us about your dietary requirements A special diet (gluten-free, lactose-free, halal, vegetarian and vegan diet) has a supplement of 5 € per day.

Who do I speak with regarding my arrival time?

Please email us your arrival date / arrival time at least one week before your course starts so that we can inform your hosts. If you share accommodation with other students from the school, the students will generally wait for you. Go directly to your accommodation address and ring. If you are delayed or have any other problems call us at: +34 635 67 04 60.

Can I reserve accommodation without booking a course?

Yes. We also offer accommodation to students who do not enrol for a Spanish course with us.

Are extra costs included in the accommodation price?

All extra costs are included in your payment. There is a water problem in Granada, especially in the summer, so please don't waste water. All our accommodations offer free WIFI access.

If I find other accommodation can I cancel the one booked with the school?

Yes. Please inform us as soon as possible before your arrival. If you have already moved into your accommodation and decide to leave, we will not refund you the amount.

What is the school's responsibility if problems occur?

We will do everything we can to ensure that your stay is comfortable. In case of problems, doubts or questions, please talk to us and we will find you a solution.

Culture Programme

Do you offer a cultural activities?

We offer interesting cultural and activities programmes with at least four events organised every week. There is also a day trip on Saturdays. Most of these activities are not included in the course price. We send you the culture programme on Friday before your course starts on Monday by email. Students enrol for the activities and pay for them at the school office.


Do you offer insurance to students?

We offer an optional travel health insurance, which we recommend to our students. The cost is of 2 € a day.

Can I receive post at the school?

Yes. We recommend that you give your friends and relatives the school's address rather than the one of your accommodation.


We offer free WIFI to our students during school opening hours. We have 1 computer which students can use during the breaks.

What are the opening hours?

Monday to Thursday: 09.00 - 16.00 h
Friday: 09.00 - 14.30 h
The school is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and local public holidays. If you need to contact us during the weekends, call us at our emergency number: +34 635 67 04 60.


When is the deadline to enrol for a course?

We accept short notice applications (depending on the course availabilities) until the Friday preceding a course which starts on Monday.

Do I have to pay a deposit in advance to book my course?

Yes. We ccharge a deposit of 120 € which will be deducted from the total amount. Check the special conditions for visa applyments

Are there additional charges if I cancel?

Please check our terms & conditions before you enrol!

How can I pay the rest of the amount?

Please check our payment methods here! Instituto Cervantes Diplomas de español DELE del Instituto Cervantes. TANDEM International EEA FEDELE Erasmus+ UCAM Camara Madrid Bildungsurlaub CSN
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