Our school offers weekend trips to Morocco

Combine your Spanish course in Granada with a trip to Morocco, a sensual country that repays the visitor with a lifetime of memories!

The Kingdom of Morocco, in North Africa, is an Islamic country chosen by many travelers due to its natural landscapes and important cultural and historical events. The current territory of the country was occupied since prehistoric times. Later, given its strategic location in the Mediterranean, it was a place of constant cultural exchanges with the Romans, Visigoths and Byzantines.

As a destination, Morocco offers settings worthy of adventure movies, such as the Sahara desert, palm groves, the Dadès Valley with the snow-capped peaks of the Great Atlas in the distance, vibrant cities like Marrakech or seafaring cities like Essaouira.

The traditional Moroccan friendliness and hospitality, the gastronomy and the exceptional experience of shopping in a souk are arguments that few travelers can refuse.

Our school offers, in collaboration with the EMYCET agency, weekend trips to Morocco. The agency is a company created in 2011 and is especially aimed at a young audience. Their goal is to inspire our students to explore incredible destinations and have fun. Book your trip directly on the agency's website.

Apart from the trips to Morocco you have other interesting trip offers to destinations such as Lisbon, the Algarve, Valencia or Asturias.

Weekend trip to Morocco   Weekend trip to Morocco

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