Granada city, Andalusia

A Spanish course in Spain: Learn Spanish in Granada, one of the most beautiful university cities in southern Spain.

Blanco, verde y rojo
«Hay en el paisaje de Granada un diálogo de blancos, verdes y rojos. La mirada del viajero quedará polarizada, si la estación lo permite, por la nieve de Sierra Nevada y en la cercanía, siempre, por el blanco más compartimentado de las geometrías del Albaicín. Los verdes llegan unas veces en ángulo rasante desde los regadíos y las choperas de la vega; otra, desde las hileras de olivos de los secanos; otras, desde los encinares residuales o desde el artificio romántico de los bosques de la Alhambra. En otras ocasiones, en fin, la percepción se satura con los rojos encendidos del atardecer y de su reflejo en las colinas y en las torres - ambas bermejas - de la Alhambra»
Francisco Ortega Alba

GranadaGranada, the birthplace of the poet Federico García Lorca, is without a doubt one of the most fascinating cities in southern Spain. It is also an important University town with almost 300,000 inhabitants and more than 60,000 students. With its world-famous Alhambra, rich culture and lively nightlife, it is the ideal place for both studying and taking a holiday. Enjoy a weekend on the Mediterranean coast; participate in winter sports, horse-riding or trekking in the Sierra Nevada; organise a trip to the marvellous villages of the Alpujarra mountains; watch gypsy flamenco in Sacromonte or dance salsa and tango in one of Granada's many exciting bars; visit the Arab bath; stroll through the narrow streets of the old Moorish quarter, Albaicín: these are just a few of the many possibilities. At the end of the day, enjoy a glass of red wine with a tapa in one of the small squares looking over the Alhambra and the beautiful snow-covered mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

A tapa is a type of appetizer which is served when you order a drink. Serving tapas to customers is a typical Spanish tradition preserved through the whole of Spain. In some cities, such as Granada, the tapas are free. They can vary from just a few peanuts or a small dish of olives, to almost a mini meal in itself. One of the most enjoyable pleasures of the Spanish culture, is to go out with your friends for tapas. You usually only stay in each tapas bar for one or two drinks, so that you can go to a series of different bars in one evening. In some tapas bars you can choose your tapa, whereas in others, there is a set list of tapas that you get according to the type which is being served.

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Alhambra Tickets

Alhambra tickets sale

The Alhambra is a palace and enclosed town all in one enchanting place. It was built during the 1200s and 1300s for the Nasrids, who ruled the Emirate of Granada in the final centuries of Muslim control in Andalucia. After the "reconquista" it also became the royal court of the Catholic Monarchs. Book your ticket well in advance and spend an enthralling day pottering about royal chambers, serene courtyards and divine renaissance and Moorish palaces: Official Alhambra website

What do do in Granada?

What do do in Granada?

Granada is blessed with Moorish heritage dating back more than 700 years.  You can work your way along the streets of the old Moorish city, laid out exactly as it was in Medieval times, or enter the cave dwellings of the historic gypsy neighbourhood famed for its flamenco shows. All the while the soaring peaks of the Sierra Nevada will draw you gaze in the distance to the east. Let's have a look at the best things to do in Granada. On this website you can find further information!

Travelling to Granada

Travelling to Granada, Spain

Granada is an absolute must-visit place when traveling to Andalusia. Hardly any other Andalusian town has such a rich and varied cultural heritage as the former capital of the Moorish Al-Andalus empire. Indeed Granada combines the cultural heritage of the Arab legacy, Jewish influence with Renaissance architectural gems. From all the Andalusian cities, the Moorish influence is the most palpable in Granada. Here you will find some useful tips and travel information

Flamenco in Granada

East of Albayzín and in front of the Alhambra is another of Granada's traditional neighbourhoods. The Sacromonte became the home for the gypsy community and the settlers began to hew their homes from the rock-face. As you stroll past these dwellings you'll notice how no two cave houses are the same, as their dimensions are determined entirely by the difficult terrain. Naturally, if you want to see a true flamenco performance, these caves are the real deal. Instituto Cervantes Diplomas de español DELE del Instituto Cervantes. TANDEM International EEA FEDELE Erasmus+ UCAM Camara Madrid Bildungsurlaub CSN
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